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Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a web designer and I have worked with Html, PHP, Java script and flash for over 10 years. Within my time creating websites, I have worked on various projects from church sites, to solicitors, to the original Wellcome website to working paysites. I have included a few examples of my sites in the "work" section to show the diversity of my abilities.

I am proficient with many design tools including Photoshop, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Html, Dreamweaver and some 3d modelling. On many of my websites I have also created many of their attributes from scratch including photographs, music, sound effects, any graphics which are unique to the site etc. So even if you have no information, photos or idea what you require I have the ability to help you decide what your project will require.

In the end, I decided to do 2 seperate sites. So people who didn't like flash/fireworks/after effects and all the more flashy, time consuming musical graphic interactive stuff. They could just look at this site with the "honest to goodness" html!

I've included both old (no longer on-line) and new constantly updated websites on this site for you as part of my portfollio. To continue onto the next part please press any of the links on this page.

---Bottom Line!---

I will endevour to create the website that you require! No matter how elaborate, no matter how simple, no matter how large and no matter how small. You will get the site that you are happy with to show as the public face of your company.

And now I can offer web hosting too! Check out my prices for more details on what I offer.




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